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Trevor Potts has spent a lifetime working in the outdoors with a wide range of ages and abilities. Teaching everything from; camp skills, Kayaking, Canoeing Sailing, Skiing Rock, Climbing and much else.


Ardnamurchan Campsite & Study Centre  

The Ardnamurchan Campsite and Study Centre is owned and managed by Trevor and is open to all during the summer period from Easter through to late September. For full details please go to where full details can be found.


During the winter months Trevor spends the season aboard Antarctic Expedition ships lecturing on Antarctic History and his two expeditions. The first to re-sail Shackleton's epic rescue mission in the "James Caird" from Elephant Island to South Georgia and the second to follow Shackleton's route across South Georgia.

In The Wake of Shackleton DVD a one hour documentary style production narrated and filmed by Trevor and the team aboard "Sir Ernest Shackleton" a replica of the James Caird.

Available only from Trevor Potts by mail order, 15 including UK p&p. sterling only. 


Every Autumn from September to December and Spring time late March/April Trevor Potts is available for lectures.

Past lecture venues include, Royal Geographic Society, Friends of the National Maritime Museum, Shackleton Autumn School Ireland, James Caird Society, Scientific Exploration Society and many others.

Lecture Topics

In the Wake of Shackleton Expedition

Shackleton's Mountain Crossing (can be combined with In the Wake of Shackleton Expedition)

Kayaks Across the Bering Strait